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Private, I

'The essence of a private fantasy is the intimacy that
we allow
only ourselves to experience. We protect it
like a secret that we
nurture inside, unwilling to share it.

Every fantasy has a weak
spot, and can be accessed.
It is our own world inside, that we
cultivate without anyone
else knowing and it is the representation of our true integrity.

Every fantasy has a password, waiting to be revealed.
The one
who knows it gains the access to our innermost,
the one who
finds the correct password will have the code
to who we are in
their hands. When that happens, there
might be no turning back.
The fantasy might realize itself
whether we want it or not, that
is the danger that attracts us.

The essence of a true fantasy
being fulfilled is when the stages of
are crossed, and the gates of acceptance are opened.

Then we stand
on the verge to where anything can happen."