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The Access to our innermost, I

'A fraction can reveal a world of emotions, it wants to be explored.

We all
nurture a fear of giving into the spare of the moment,
we know that it might devour us completely. We all
nurture a fear giving up ourselves and losing control of who
are. We fear the uncertainty of not  knowing what is at hand.


The one who has access to our fantasies, has the direct access
our innermost. Our fantasies  is the key to our real personality.

A fantasy is the most revealing information about a person.
no beautifying paraphrases it cuts to the essence of who
are. We can never deny it; it is a statement and it does not lie.


'In the essence of a second lies a world waiting to appear.

Art is just
like that; we approach it in fractions as we devour
from it, and every
impression consequently melts into an entirety."