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The Undef l nable, I

'A blurred sketch can sometimes seem more clarifying than the
accurate image. I wish that I could leave the painting
at that first
stage, and have it remain invisible to all others
myself. I wish it could remain hardly visible, yet sensible.

I always feel that the viewers should complete the image
within themselves
and use their own imagination. I only want
my images to be guidelines,
the rest is up to the beholder.


In the simplicity of a few outlines, lies a world
courage. At this 2001~2003 stage I feel like I can
reach for any insanity, and
I am not afraid to
anything. The first outlines are the ones
the procedure. With their simplicity they
undefinable. I can sense the motive as it is
before me in my mind,  telling the story as
I go
along and as I search for the structure to form."