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The Courage to See
~ a Literary Work in Progress ~

02. Tribute to The Spirit of integrity

My book is a tribute to the spirit of integrity. It is a tribute to the individual thinking.
We should not restrain ourselves to any boundaries of the mind nor society. The spirit
of advancement that we possess inside is a gift and we should all strive towards the
same goal; meaning the freedom of expression. Music allows us to follow our own

individual spirit. It gives us the guts to pursue our innermost visions without fearing

the risk of becoming social outcasts. Music artists today have an attitude showing
that individuality is the thing to pursue. In their pursuit lies the beauty of true art
and the message comes out cl2001~2003; we need to think for ourselves and not be

affected by the system. We should learn to evaluate the surroundings with our
own eyes and not have the ready-made evaluations erase our minds and our dignity.