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The Courage to See
~ a Literary Work in Progress ~

04. The innermost Recesses

I create atmospheres that are all about exploring the inner recesses of ourselves.
I want to give into my desires and free myself through my work. My paintings are
symbols of secret fantasies and they are statements of longings. I am proud of them,
and I feel that I portray my characters with a truthful charisma. I am fascinated by the
wishes we all hide inside, but most of us deny and dare not face. We carry them to
ourselves and in the end they make us go to the lengths of the unbearable in our
constant search to be released. These are things that we dare not expose or ask for,
yet they live inside of us. I have been criticized many times for my choice of motives
and for the way that I express myself in my art. I have had opinions regarding the
way that I interpret the essence of my characters. I challenge myself to become
even bolder in my presentations and I want my viewers to become equally as daring.
I want them to see past the naked skin and inside of the real paintings. I want to
reduce the conservatism that rules and the prejudiced thinking that surrounds the
creations and the exposure of nudity and eroticism. I have always protested against
the power of the critics and the right of decision that prevails. My dream is to create
the world´s most genuine art exhibition. My fantasies need no restrictions and I want
to be able to feel the same truth on the canvas as in real life.