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Patricia Fiorent

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The Water Series

In her Water Series she paints the light as it
dissolves into thousands of nuances and creates
beautiful patterned shades on her diving sirens.
The light makes them glitter in the underground
places of the depths. They melt in like elves
into a dreamlandscape of blue and green.


Linked together in the paintings they create
harmony and balance. They live their own
lives among the dreamy, yet lively
surroundings, unaware of the outside.


Patricia Fiorent is instantly recognizable
in her work. Seller of paintings, seducer
of the mind, she continues to fascinate
the watcher with her colorations. She is
not providing art work but fantasies, and
allows the buyer to enter inside her private
world of emotions. Her art contains almost
a manic intensity forming the fire and
guts that have become her trademark.



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