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Artist's short Biography

From Within 1
Patricia in London,
June 2005

Patricia Fiorent was born in Malmo, Sweden in 1973. Her father,
a renowned photo-realist artist, has been a great source of inspiration.

Growing up in his studio, she took interest in art.
She has attended RMI-Berghs Advertising School, for art directing.

Her first exhibition was a group show at the Sublime gallery in
Tribeca. The Barrington gallery in New York represents her work,
and she has collectors throughout the US and Europe. Influenced
by her time spent abroad, Fiorent travels frequently to New York,
Paris and London.  Writing is an important part of her art, it exists
as a catalyst and inspiration to her work, and not only articulates
but structures her thoughts within her paintings.


Works in New York: Studio of Jeff Koons 2007–

Exhibition in Malmö Rönnquist & Rönnquist during 2008

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