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Patricia Fiorent

en Français  PÅ SVENSKA



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The artist was born 1973 in Sweden
Creator of Erotic Art | Oil Paintings on Canvas. Advertising
Studies e.g. RMi–Berghs, Media and Communication Studies.
Now commuting between Studio in Malmo and New York.

Exhibition Summary
Patricia has been art of exhibition in New York, 1998.
She has also been part of several showings in Europe.
June 2003:
Naked Minds and Bodies ~Nudism~ in N.Y.,
in Association with Artist
Ron Burkhardt ~Notism~
and Artist
Peter Beard ~Living Sculptures~
at former Sublime Gallery in New York City.


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NYC, February and March, 2003
['Trish" Fiorent]

Patricia 2008
Works in New York City; Studio of Jeff Koons 2007–

Exhibition in Sweden: Malmö Gallery; Rönnquist &
Saturday 5–Sunday 27:th of April 2008.

The Courage to See Book by Patricia Fiorent
A Tribute to The Art of The Free Thinking Mind.

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